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Snow joke


The Eastern Daily Press captured the national mood today as SNOWMAGEDDON swept the country. Their headline? Snow on Dereham shop roof could fall on shoppers.  

A warm, dark cinema on a snowy Sunday morning was probably not the best place to get over 24 hours of travelling and a 10 hour time difference. But Harry Potter’s new adventure justified a family trip to the big screen. I thought that some popcorn and a drink would help keep me awake. So […]

Aloho ho ho


The Christmas party had a Hawaiian theme. I had a flower garland placed around my neck before joining the other 700 revellers, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on the sun-drenched terrace overlooking the river. The weather, the sunlight, the heat and the view were not what I am used to at an office party. […]

The first test match starts today here in Brisbane. I was offered a ticket, but I explained that I would not be able to feign an interest in cricket for a whole day (and I only get paid if I am working), so I declined. English cricket fans have appeared in the city. They are […]



Back to showery Brisbane this evening, weather which must give hope to the cricket fans. After a long day working and travelling it’s good to get back to my hotel room to put my feet up in front of the TV. Australian TV only seems to show sport (did I tell you I’m not a […]



This time it isn’t raining in Sydney. I have managed to avoid any conversations about cricket so far. But I’ve had several conversations about Irish debt, mainly with taxi drivers for some reason. They seem quite pleased about European financial problems.

Doors to manual


At Heathrow I stood in a queue waiting to board a plane. Right next to the boarding gate was a large TV showing 24 hour rolling news. As we waited, the live BREAKING NEWS story was about a plane crash at Birmingham airport. It was hard to ignore the breathless live report from the scene. […]