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Well it’s time for a well-earned break (I should think that you have earned it. I haven’t really). I’m about to start my Christmas Eve countdown to project delivery. Blogging will be suspended for a few days while I enjoy the company of friends and family. Merry Christmas to all of you regular readers and […]

If you live in North Norfolk and were hoping for a white Christmas, I’m sorry. I’ve just managed to get some winter tyres for the car. This means that the temperature is about to soar. All the snow will melt, daffodils will bloom and spring will arrive unusually early next week. In common with all […]

Domestic God


I was cleaning the bathroom. The hinge on the toilet seat broke as I cleaned it. I was expecting problems. This sort of thing always happens when the house it about to fill up with people for Christmas. I knew how to fix the toilet seat. I fixed it last time it broke. And the […]

Snow joke


There was some traffic disruption in Moscow due to heavy snow in the last couple of days apparently. There are 9,000 snow ploughs on the streets of the city and they struggled to cope, often getting caught in congestion due to the snow. There was considerable traffic disruption in London at the weekend, due to […]

Age specific


Do you ever wonder if an item of clothing is too young for you? Mutton dressed as lamb? Or do you worry that a garment might make you look prematurely aged? I’m pleased to report that a well-known retailer seems to have solved the problem with their labelling on an item which Mrs R bought recently. […]

What, again?


Oh. More snow. That’s… fun. The last lot had only just disappeared. Or not quite disappeared in fact. There was still a small patch in a shady corner of the garden. I am congratulating myself on making space for the car in the garage. But I am kicking myself for not buying some winter tyres […]

Best before…


Metaphorical threads connecting you to the past are all very nice and poetic. But they are not a bowl of soup. Archaeologists in China have discovered a 2,400 year-old cauldron of soup. Still containing liquid. Although it is a bit cold now. That’s a good, non-metaphorical link to our ancestors. I’m sure that shortly we […]