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Wind up


I have a namesake hurricane. This is exciting. According to the BBC “Alex sweeps in”, which sounds grand. But according to the (more geographically relevant) Houston Chronicle my alter ego is just “plodding”, which might more accurately reflect typical Alex behaviour. We do tend to plod doggedly though. Apparently Alex is a category 2 hurricane. […]

Greetings from We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased or rated books by Boris Vian have also purchased The Plague by Albert Camus. For this reason, you might like to know that The Plague will be released on 1 July 2010.  You can pre-order yours for just £5.59 (30% off the RRP) by following […]

Bracing trip


For a hot Sunday afternoon in June the beach was surprisingly empty. Everyone must have been busy somewhere else. I decided to go for a swim. The tide was out and there was a flat expanse of sand before the gently breaking waves. Between the flat sand and I was a sloping stretch of shingle […]

Bing bong


Because I don’t travel around as much as I used to, I miss out on many comic moments. Such as the announcements made by reluctant train staff thrust into the front line of customer service by an edict to “keep the customer informed”. So I was lucky this evening to be on a delayed train […]

An angel knocked on the door. He didn’t look like an angel. He carried a slim folder and was wearing a creased blue suit, a tie and a moustache. I suppose that they don’t bother with the whole wings and white robes business these days, due to health and safety considerations. But he said that […]

Allez France!


I looked up “teamwork” in my largest French dictionary.  The only translation is “travail d’équipe”, which really means “work done by a team”. The French don’t have a word for “teamwork” in the sense that we use it, as ‘purposeful collaboration towards a common goal’. This explains a lot. “Collaboration” is also a tricky word […]

There was an announcement. “This train is arriving in London three minutes ahead of schedule.” As I waited to disembark I thought about what I would do with the extra three minutes I had been given. I could boil an egg. But I prefer my eggs to be boiled for five minutes and a rather […]