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Farenheit 451


In the last few days I have read a newspaper article and two separate blog postings about people who are discarding their CD collections because all their music is now stored digitally. They all claimed that they were motivated to declutter their homes and getting rid of all those CDs was helpful. Writing as someone […]



An ambulance sped by. The siren dropped in pitch as it passed me. The Doppler effect. The sound waves emitted from a moving object are bunched together as it approaches and further apart as it recedes. Have you noticed that the weekend has a Doppler effect? On a Friday as it approaches, it seems to […]

Immortal task


I glanced at the article. A list of 50 things to do before you die. Space-filling journalism. Of course I started reading it and adding up my score. I was doing pretty well. Only a few to go and then presumably I will die. But, what’s this? Number 21: “Visit all of Britain’s historical landmarks.” […]

Cunning plan


I searched for “cookery” on iTunes, after the apps and the books the first two TV episodes listed were ‘Blackadder’. The next one was ‘Friends’. Heston Blumenthal popped up at number four. The next two top ten slots were ‘Friends’ again, followed by ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’. I wonder how the search algorithm works. Is it […]