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When I was on the tube today I didn’t see the Queen, although apparently she was there. She was naming a new underground train. She already has an eponymous boat, overground train, hospital, bridge and portion of Antarctica. I think that ordinary citizens should have the chance to donate their names to pieces of infrastructure. […]

I was hoping for some 50th birthday greetings, but my inbox presented me with an email entitled “Seven steps to communicating perfectly”. I read it attentively. There was a numbered list of 12 steps in the body of the email. Step 6 was my favourite: “Match the other person’s body language in a subtle and […]

Cheap trick


I walked past a shop in Norwich which sold second hand phones and gadgets. The window was stuffed with top-of-the-range iPads and smartphones. I paused for a moment, looked at the prices and wondered who would sell a nearly new, fully working gadget to a shop at a knock down price. A few days later […]

Speed balls


When you read about the Royal Navy’s new radar which is capable of detecting a tennis ball travelling at three times the speed of sound 15 miles away, you probably thought: “what amazing technology! I wonder how they do that?” I didn’t. I thought: “Wow… that’s some serve. Three times the speed of sound. I’m […]