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Stag. Night.


The deer was blameless, although he showed poor judgement in deciding to cross the road in the dark, in the face of two streams of traffic. I was driving. “DEER!!!” yelled Mrs R as she glimpsed the inconsiderate animal silhouetted against the oncoming headlights. “Where?” I enquired thoughtfully. “Oh, just there…” I realised a millisecond […]

Phew. I’m back safely. I didn’t have to chop off any of my limbs, although my fingers got so cold I thought that they might shatter if I banged them on a rock. My compass seems to be defective. It points north in many directions and disagreed with my GPS device. At first I thought […]

Mrs R probably suspects it’s a mid-life crisis… I’ve dusted off my ice-axe and found my warm sleeping bag. I’m off to the Lake District for an unexpected day of solo hillwalking and a bit of camping. I can’t find my crampons anywhere. It is possible that I discarded them morosely when I found out […]

Light work


Living in a rural area you can observe agriculture on an industrial scale. They are planting replacement street-lights in our town. A gang of workmen are roaming the pavements, digging small holes. They will place something in each hole, a bulb presumably, which will grow into a new lamppost. This will probably happen as the […]

I thought that I would watch television. I don’t do this often. The remote control was nowhere in sight. I looked under the furniture, on the bookcase, behind the TV, in the next room etc. I removed all the cushions from the sofa. I carefully shook each cushion. Finally I spied the controller, wedged down […]

Myth taken


History is created by those who write it down. The people who offer to do the writing and preserve the record are often supported by those in charge at the time. We would never have known about Hannibal’s magnificent march across the Alps with his war elephants without Livy’s efforts to write the history of […]

Has anyone else looked at iTunes U (the online ‘university’) and downloaded a load of (free) worthy learning materials? Did you do it with good intentions, but with no idea of when you would find the time to learn a new language / study art criticism / master genetics / re-cap on basic physics etc? […]