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Flying, a kite


At risk of sounding like David Attenborough’s blog, I have to record my delight at seeing a red kite wheeling above Heathrow airport this evening. A red kite is a bird of prey, not on a string. This may be a natural visitor, there are many kites resident not far away down the motorway. But […]

Sea view


It was a sunny morning. We went for a walk on a sandy Norfolk beach. It was not crowded. The sea lapped against the giant granite boulders of the offshore reefs. We saw one harbour porpoise, leaping out of the water as it chased shiny mackerel for lunch. We saw five seals in a lazy […]

Common census


Friday was a beautiful spring day, like Thursday and Wednesday and preceding days. The sun shone, a light breeze blew, the birds sang, the bumblebees buzzed and the daffodils nodded affirmatively. I finished work early and decided that winter was over. I took the car to the garage to get the winter tyres swapped for […]

Sax maniac


Some self-help gurus say that as you get older you should keep trying new things. They suggest that learning a new skill or stretching yourself to do something difficult can make you a better person. This may be nonsense. Last week I took my Grade 6 music exam on the tenor saxophone. I have not […]

I went to IKEA with my eldest and her friend.  We had a simple aim: to furnish and equip an empty two bedroom flat.  I expected this to be straightforward. My daughter and I had never been to IKEA before. Her friend gamely volunteered to be our guide, like Virgil leading Dante round the circles […]

Still here


Sorry folks. I’m a bit busy this week with one thing and another. That is what happens when you have a portfolio career. After several weeks with not much meaningful employment I suddenly have 3 jobs at once for a short time. Normal service will be resumed soon.

Brave faces


Like many other people I was grimly fascinated with the video footage of the unfolding disaster in Japan. The unreal scenes of the tsunami ploughing through houses, streets and factories were chilling. I noticed that most cars and vans seemed to float, but the boats didn’t. The most striking feature has been the calm dignity […]