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Ten years ago when we moved into this house we discovered that it did not have a letterbox in the door. There was just a box in the porch for post and newspapers. We decided that this was not very secure and it was inconvenient when we went away because we had to ask a […]

Net work


Yesterday Mrs R. carefully marked out a scaled-down tennis court on the lawn. It is smaller than a normal tennis court because we are considerate neighbours and do not use next door’s drive as the baseline (also the fence would make it tricky to move to the net from a service). I think that if […]

Remember me


What with the rugby, the tennis, Big Brother and official mourning for Michael Jackson you might think I would be too busy to blog… But no, none of these things interest me very much beyond what is mentioned in the news from time to time. I’m too busy to blog because I’m trying to do […]

In touch


“How much is a pint of milk? What is the price of a loaf of bread? What would you pay for a postage stamp? How much does a return rail trip from Norwich to London cost?” It should be one of those questions that politicians and celebrities are asked, to test whether they are in […]

On the train to London this morning. Travelling in the luxury of 1st Class, because a 1st class ticket costs 18.90 and a Standard class ticket costs 26.00, both bought at the same time for travel on the same train. Real life can be stranger than fiction.

Brand awareness


Marketing people use ‘spontaneous recall’ to test how effectively a brand has been advertised. It is measured by asking people to name, unprompted, a brand associated with a particular product. Today was Father’s Day in the UK. Four children. One father. Spontaneous recall: 25%… or perhaps 75% if asking “is it Father’s Day today?” counts […]

Today I’m away from my usual computer. This is my first post from my phone. It will be short. More of a twit than a tweet. Tonight I’m going to see my eldest daughter’s art at an exhibition. I’m full of parental pride (because she is brilliant). I shall stand by her work saying “look […]

Last night Mrs R. and I went to the theatre. It turned out that Evita was not a musical homage to a popular and tasty Swedish-style crispbread. In fact it was a poignant docudrama about the life of former Argentinian president Juan Peron and his wife. I enjoyed the show. They do like their singing […]



This evening it was a toss up between writing about Lord Carter’s newly published report on Digital Britain… and writing about my new flip flops, or ‘thongs’ as they are comically called in Australia. I decided to write about my flip flops. I thought that you would prefer to read how I shopped long and […]

The European elections and more recently the election in Iran have raised questions about the effectiveness of a democratic process. I have been searching the web for answers… Search Results: Voter Apathy in Europe and the Rise of the Far Right (Part II) by Nationalist Sentiment (first published 1936, Berlin). Customers who bought this item […]

Slipped disc


Does anyone else have trouble putting their car tax disc in the windscreen holder? I just spent five minutes trying to fish the old disc out of the narrow slit and then poke the new disc into place. It’s a tax disc holder that came with the car, so it’s probably custom fitted. I’ve used […]

Lazy pig


When bloggers write about dreams that they have had, I assume that they could not think of anything to write about and that they are making it up or that they are showing off. Whatever. Anyway I think it is lazy. Last night I dreamt that I was trying to get two wild boars out […]

The language of pain is flexible. Recently when I went to the medical centre for an injection. Just before the nurse jabbed me with the needle, she said “you’ll feel a sharp scratch”. A scratch? That is what you get from thorns, cats and badly trimmed toenails. An injection with the point of a needle […]

Favourite shirt


It rained, heavily, at last (Mrs R is not happy because I have become one of those people who says “well the garden needs it” when it rains and “we need a bit of rain for the garden” when it is sunny for more than two hours – but us pioneers of sustainable living, at […]



I’ve just had a ride in a French police car. Ha ha. The txt msg from my daughter was informative, but insufficient. As a parent of late teens you get used to this. I wish txt messaging had been around when I was a teenager. I could have driven my parents mad with short, mysterious […]



There are elections tomorrow. I have received several leaflets through the letterbox. I decided to sit down this evening and read through them to decide who should benefit from my valuable vote. First I made sure I knew which elections were actually happening tomorrow. This was not easy. The leaflets were no help. Fortunately my […]



We took my Mother-in-law to the beach this afternoon. She wanted to swim, but I thought the sea was too rough (saw two surfers whooping with delight) so we didn’t let her. Instead we walked along the sand until we couldn’t get any further because the high tide was busy eroding the friable clay that […]

Usually when I go to a meeting at a junior school, I resign myself to backache from sitting on childsize chairs at a childsize table. Today, at a school I have not been to before, we sat on smart grownupsize upholstered chairs with chrome frames. It turned out that the chairs had been retrieved from […]