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Ten years ago when we moved into this house we discovered that it did not have a letterbox in the door. There was just a box in the porch for post and newspapers. We decided that this was not very secure and it was inconvenient when we went away because we had to ask a […]

Net work


Yesterday Mrs R. carefully marked out a scaled-down tennis court on the lawn. It is smaller than a normal tennis court because we are considerate neighbours and do not use next door’s drive as the baseline (also the fence would make it tricky to move to the net from a service). I think that if […]

Remember me


What with the rugby, the tennis, Big Brother and official mourning for Michael Jackson you might think I would be too busy to blog… But no, none of these things interest me very much beyond what is mentioned in the news from time to time. I’m too busy to blog because I’m trying to do […]

In touch


“How much is a pint of milk? What is the price of a loaf of bread? What would you pay for a postage stamp? How much does a return rail trip from Norwich to London cost?” It should be one of those questions that politicians and celebrities are asked, to test whether they are in […]

On the train to London this morning. Travelling in the luxury of 1st Class, because a 1st class ticket costs 18.90 and a Standard class ticket costs 26.00, both bought at the same time for travel on the same train. Real life can be stranger than fiction.

Brand awareness


Marketing people use ‘spontaneous recall’ to test how effectively a brand has been advertised. It is measured by asking people to name, unprompted, a brand associated with a particular product. Today was Father’s Day in the UK. Four children. One father. Spontaneous recall: 25%… or perhaps 75% if asking “is it Father’s Day today?” counts […]

Today I’m away from my usual computer. This is my first post from my phone. It will be short. More of a twit than a tweet. Tonight I’m going to see my eldest daughter’s art at an exhibition. I’m full of parental pride (because she is brilliant). I shall stand by her work saying “look […]