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Flight of fancy


I saw a poster advertising London Southend Airport. I’m glad that London has another airport. The announcement seemed to cause a lot less fuss than the extra runway at London Heathrow, or the extra runway at London Stansted. Some arriving travellers may be a bit confused to find that the South end of London is […]



“Let’s use Twitter,” I suggested, as we discussed how to reach some potential customers to help test our prototype system. I am always keen to demonstrate to my various employers that I am in touch with cutting edge social networks and modern marketing methods. “If we say what we want and make it cool, people […]

I stood in the doorway and looked around the room. I looked at the things on the floor and on the worktop. I let my eyes run over the cupboards, one by one. I waited for something to trigger my memory. No, nothing… I just could not remember why I had come into the kitchen. […]

I received an email from a East Coast trains advising me that I could now book my rail tickets to watch the Olympics. If I had been successful in my bid to buy some Olympic tickets I would have been slightly excited about this offer. As it is I am wondering if I should buy […]



Once upon a time Mrs R. or I used to go to the bank to get pound coins for the children’s bus fares, because scrabbling around to find the right change at 7am was just a pain. These days I get pound coins from the payment machines at car parks, because I never have the […]

Muddy waters


“Yes, I can fix that,” said the plumber, “it will only take half an hour and you’ll get change from fifty quid.” Then I woke up. Why does every plumber who I’ve called upon to do some essential maintenance (a.k.a. damage limitation) always say something like; “ Pfff… I don’t know who put this in, […]

Media mogul


It is hard to know where to start in considering the impact of the phone hacking revelations. Like most people, I’m appalled by the intrusion into the lives of innocent victims of tragedy. I’m also not surprised by the depths to which a newspaper sank in order to obtain ‘exclusive’ reports. One of the inevitable […]