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The flea hopped its way down the train and landed on the back of my hand. I looked at the flea and the flea looked at me. At least, I assume it did. It is hard to tell if a flea is looking you in the eye. I wondered how many times the flea had […]



“World faces global wine shortage” is a striking headline. It probably got more readers than “Wine likely to get more expensive”. I predict (without the aid of Met Office-style supercomputers) that this crisis will not have a major impact on most people’s lives. In fact it might help the barley-growers of Norfolk if consumption of […]

Hey Jude


Whether you were affected by today’s storm or not, you can’t say that you didn’t know about it in advance. It was harder to avoid the storm warnings than to avoid the weather system itself. This was not like the ‘hurricane’ in 1987 when the first I knew about it was when I arrived at […]



                    Or perhaps my family and neighbours have better things to do…

Walls and Malls


Last week I was promoting our new business venture at a conference in the pleasant city of York, at a mediocre hotel overlooking the river just a hundred metres from a former workplace of mine. Today Twitter, on our business feed, has presented me with a ‘promoted’ suggestion to “Invest in Perth”, Scotland’s newest city […]



I’m not going to make any excuses for my recent failure to post. Instead I’ll offer you a link to another aspiring writer who is trying to make her way in the dying business of journalism in order to earn enough money to look after her ageing parents in the near future when they are […]

Saturday afternoon. I went to pick some blackberries. Drove up a stony lane to the grassy field that serves as a car park for a typical Norfolk church. Flint faced, square tower, yew trees, windswept hilltop overlooking the grey North Sea and Europe’s largest gas terminal. There was one other car parked in the meadow. […]

Tree top story


This news story – which fortunately has a happy ending – highlights why Norfolk is a special place. 1. The trees are aggressive. 2. A pub in the middle of nowhere can be full of people having breakfast before 9am. 3. The quote: “it pretty much stopped the car”. Pretty much. Not entirely.

Video nasty


Recording yourself practicing a musical instrument is inevitably disappointing. I have discovered this in the past. For some reason it never sounds the same and somehow the recording has picked up a lot more errors and squeaks than I heard when I was playing. But an audio recording is benign, compared to a video recording. […]

Earning a crust


I bought some fuel for the car and received vouchers for a free pizza. I am old enough to know that there is no such thing as a “free” pizza. It will be a pizza with strings attached… So I read the small print on the website to find out exactly what I was giving […]

I’ve just been reading a list of “10 things you should keep to yourself at work” – rather than give you a link (because you’d have to register to get to the page) I’ll just list them here: The 10 things you shouldn’t do at work are: cause a drama, spread rumours, get jealous, have […]

Back story


The Prime Minister and I have a number of things in common, so I was pleased to hear that we also share a back problem. I suppose that his bulging disk might have been caused by the mighty burden of high office. Mine is usually caused by putting on my socks or getting something out […]

Chin up


Jeremy Paxman grows a beard and it makes the newspaper headlines. I grow a beard and I am met with derision from my own family. It was all because I watched Skyfall on the plane travelling to our holiday destination. “Daniel Craig looks good in a beard,” I thought. So I resolved to stop shaving […]

“Due to adverse weather customers are advised to take extra care on the station concourse”. When did “rain” become “adverse weather”?  I enjoyed the wet weather yesterday. The vegetables in my garden appreciated the relief. I didn’t meet anybody who was complaining about the welcome showers in London where residual heat from the last few […]

At last Facebook has stopped showing me adverts for single women in Queensland and discount vouchers for supermarkets in New Zealand. My browsing habits have never displayed a focus on either or these, honestly! Now all I get are adverts for insurance products aimed at people over 55 and tourist attractions within 20 miles of […]



I unloaded the shopping from the car and wondered what the faint hissing noise was. Once I’d unpacked the bags and put all the groceries away I concluded that I had not purchased an angry snake or a leaking bottle of pop. But I had picked up a nail in the tyre of the car. […]

Today I visited an office that I used to work in 23 years ago. I didn’t see anyone I knew. People move on so fast these days. As soon as I walked into the building I recognised the smell. There is a canteen in the basement. It is called a “food court” now. They may […]

It’s been a busy and stressful few months, but I’m pleased to say that our new business venture is up and running. You can glimpse what we’ve been doing here, but if you are school governor in Norfolk you will get a much better view of it in the next few weeks as we roll […]

Risk management


Did you see the pictures of the plane that parachuted to a gentle crash landing in a garden in Cheltenham last week? Did you also wonder, like me, why don’t all planes have giant parachutes in case they crash? It seems obvious really. The same logic as having seven airbags in a car. You hope […]

Farenheit 451


In the last few days I have read a newspaper article and two separate blog postings about people who are discarding their CD collections because all their music is now stored digitally. They all claimed that they were motivated to declutter their homes and getting rid of all those CDs was helpful. Writing as someone […]