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What better way to end this barbecue summer than with, umm, a barbecue? I piled up the charcoal, used the last of the firelighters and soon had a nice blaze. With a tasty marinade I dealt with the courgette glut and liberally scattered the pepper on my North Norfolk Cajun chicken strips. It was cooked…and […]



Ramsey has gone. I rehomed him in the shrubbery. He seemed happy enough and scurried off with a cheerful wave of his antennae. … I’ve just noticed that a spider has moved in now. That’s what happens if you leave property vacant. There must be a waiting list.

Song and dance


“Aren’t you being a bit optimistic,” I said casually, “booking the band for our silver wedding party nearly two years in advance?” Mrs R’s eyes narrowed. “What are you trying to say?” She enquired, sharply. “Umm… Well, a lot can happen in twenty-two months. People change.” She raised her eyebrows. I went on, “all sorts […]

I spy plum pie


We have a small plum tree. Every year the wasps eat the plums. This year I got there first…

Today I dressed up as a shark, with a black cardboard fin on my back. Mrs R. was a jellyfish. We went to the beach and swam in the sea, accompanied by my son (a seahorse), daughter number 3 (a crab), cheerful Rachel (an octopus) and daughter number 1 (a shrimp). There were many bemused […]



One evening you are sitting on a beach listening to a jazz concert. The next evening you are unpacking the dirty washing at home and wondering where to go next year. That is what holidays are like. Bathetic. We went camping again… to France on a dutiful visit to see one of the children at […]

Sexy games


My posting the other day titled “Swingers” has attracted more search engine traffic to my blog than anything else I have written… I suspect that a few of those people were disappointed. In a world of competitive pressure and customer survey obsessions it is hard not to become focused on statistics. Some bloggers might think […]