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Sex talk


It’s official. Men become less intelligent when they are interacting with women. Researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands have shown that heterosexual men demonstrate impaired cognitive performance during and after an interaction with a woman – any woman – in person, on the telephone or online. In fact men’s performance is below par even […]

Feather brains


It snowed. I managed to get out of Norwich before the inevitable gridlock and chose the snowiest roads I could find on my route home. Unfortunately the pheasant on the quiet country road underestimated the stopping distance in icy conditions. It would have survived the relatively low speed impact if it hadn’t chosen to stand […]

Token gesture


Good news!  The makers of Monopoly are planning to replace one of the tokens in the game with a more modern icon, which is “more representative of today’s Monopoly players”. The current tokens, which include a small dog, a car, a battleship, a boot, a thimble, an iron, a top hat and a wheelbarrow are […]

For a mere 20 pence I bought an e-book of 1,227 facts. What a bargain! Over 60 facts per penny. I got a lot of pleasure from chuckling and then reading curious facts aloud to Mrs R whilst she was trying to get on with something else. She was not as amused as I expected […]

Have you ever written a privacy policy for a website? I have. It’s more difficult than it looks. No one ever bothers reading the privacy policy or the terms and conditions. They just click on the ‘accept’ box and say “yeah, yeah, whatevs…” So I thought I would try to write a privacy policy that […]