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Spring waters


Cromer pier, 11am Friday morning. Light rain. Wind: NNW force 3-4. Temperature: 4 degrees C. Visibility: moderate to good. The fishermen on the pier are wearing parkas and overtrousers. The seagulls are keeping their heads down. Beneath the leaden sky the beach is deserted… …except for two men,  father and son by the look of […]

It’s a bit late to ask, but did you enjoy Valentine’s day? Because we were due to go on holiday I had planned ahead. I purchased a sincere-but-mildly-ironic card (like many men I use comic irony to avoid appearing over-emotional and soppy) and a small gift that I knew would be welcomed. Then I concealed […]



Thank you to Mike-whose-name-I-will-never-forget-again for drawing my attention to the new laptop called Alex. This looks like a handy piece of kit. Robust, functional but not extravagant, practical with a hint of style, cheap to run and easily manipulated… I’ve no idea why they called it Alex, but it has got me thinking. Apple (them […]

You might have thought that my absence from this page was because I had been called to join the British team in Vancouver.  But, sadly, the phone didn’t ring, so after a long, cold winter we took a short break in the Arctic. There was no sign of rain, dear. It was too cold for […]

Down time


School holidays again… means it will be quiet on the blog. I’ll be back in a week or so.

New material


Corduroy is a hardwearing and comfortable weave of cloth ideally suited to warm trousers at the relaxed end of the smart casual spectrum. Some people, usually university lecturers, wear jackets of this fine material (I had one when I was 12 – I wasn’t employed by a university, but I thought it was smart – […]



Am I the first person to notice that the Apple logo and the Ann Summers logo are very, very similar? There is probably more to this than meets the eye. I have long suspected that Steve Jobs must have a lucrative sideline, as well as his mainstream business. I’m guessing that the Ann Summers franchise […]

Wota mota


I walked into town. Outside the chemist a small crowd had gathered. An elderly lady in a newish Toyota was manoeuvring into one of the parking places facing the shops. No one wanted to walk in front of the car as it faced the pavement. We all paused politely, waiting for the unexpected surge forward […]

Steamy story


Mrs R was out for the evening, so I sneaked a go with the new, high tech steam iron. Despite not having had the mandatory safety briefing and operating instructions. I loaded it with iron-fuel and… what fun! It squirts a very satisfying jet of steam. This must have been what Lady Gaga had concealed […]

Salad days


When I’m working from home in my pyjamas it’s a short commute to join Mrs R for lunch at the kitchen table. She reads the newspaper and I read the plastic bag containing a mixed leaf salad (reading at the table is allowed at lunchtime because the children are at school and won’t be offended […]