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Target market


Usually my email contains special offers for viagra or various bodily enhancements. I suspect that the senders are not spending a lot of time segmenting their mailing list to ensure that their marketing is correctly targeted. But when the advert below appeared in my mailbox, I wondered if the sender was using some sort of […]

Finding the key


One of the car keys went missing. It was a week since we last saw it. I began to get nervous about only having one key. In case it went missing too. We began to hunt. I looked in all the pockets of my jackets and trousers. I strongly suspected that I had left the […]

Virus check


Ever since we first had a school age child in 1992 at least one person in the household has caught a cold in mid-September. Usually more than one person. It is a depressing fact of life that when children go back to school they will share a variety of viruses and breed at least one […]

Moral Standard


The editorial of the London Evening Standard today highlights the newspaper’s support for the Metropolitan Police in bringing rioters and looters to justice. The editor writes: “it is to help the police bring them to account that this paper publishes these pictures [of still-unidentified rioters]”. The comment continues, “bringing these offenders to justice and reinforcing […]

Working life


Since last week I have had significant new domestic responsibilities. Mrs R has embarked upon a new career. She has reluctantly handed over her share of all cleaning, shopping and catering duties to me (well she wasn’t so reluctant to hand over the catering or the cleaning). She leaves to catch the train at the […]

Caffeine rush


I was overtaken by a speeding van. As it disappeared I could read the large notice on the rear window: “Espresso Machine Engineer On Call”. Some people can get quite irritable if they don’t get a robust shot of coffee every few hours. The espresso machine engineer must be used to dealing with angry office […]

The businessman in the seat in front of me on the train had two iPhones and one Blackberry. He juggled calls on the three devices all the way from Leeds to Peterborough. I was impressed that he never needed to use more than one at a time. I think that he was a spy with […]

Good signs


The roadside stalls in the villages of Denmark offer a range of products…  

Denmark is a great place to go for a camping holiday in July. However, in August it is less good. The weather can be fickle. Our first week in mid-August was pleasant enough. We swam in the Baltic. It was colder than I expected. We saw the little mermaid. It was bigger than I expected. […]