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Cat nav


Judging by the size of the nest and the amount of collateral gnawing, the mouse and his family had been living next to the spare wheel in the car for some months. It is a good thing that I got round to taking off the winter wheels yesterday. I’m not sure how much damage a […]

In passing


It was a pleasure to bump into some blog readers and former colleagues at a quiet lunchtime café yesterday. I’m worried that my perfunctory greeting seemed a bit anti-social, so I’d just like to greet them again here. Hello folks! Great to see you all. I didn’t mean to seem offhand, but (1) I am […]

Crime waves


I don’t want to suggest that life is quiet here in Norfolk, but the main news story in the local paper this morning was about the disappearance of sand from our beaches. At first I thought that this was an extension of the trend of copper theft, which has disrupted transport and communications in recent […]

Best practice


In the spirit of not being a man-of-my-age I must disagree (belatedly) with research from the University of Oregon which concludes that men reach their competitive peak when aged 45-54. I am the least competitive man of 50 I know. I bet that there isn’t anyone less competitive than me. Take board games for example. […]

I couldn’t help noticing on the news footage that many of the people celebrating Mrs. Thatcher’s death were evidently not old enough to vote at any time during her time as Prime Minister. Some of the people cheering, raising their glasses and looting shops had probably not even been born in 1990 when she stepped […]

Sporty model


I’m thinking about replacing the car. Many men of my age look for something low slung and sporty, to recapture the thrills of their youth. I am not a man of my age. I want to get something capacious and sedate with heated seats and a connection for my iPod. The remaining teenager at home […]