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Life on Mars


“Would you like to go on holiday together?” I asked Mrs R. when I got home. “Where?” She asked suspiciously. “When?” “There is a man who is looking for a middle-aged married couple to fly to Mars,” I explained. “In a few years.” “No,” said Mrs R. “I’m not going to leave the children.” “We […]

Paper boy


A letter arrived addressed to “The Buyer of Office Supplies”. This is one of the pleasures of running a tiny business from your home address. To a mail merge program you are just as important as the biggest plc. I have had several job titles, but “The Buyer of Office Supplies” is one of the […]

Michelle Obama and I will both shortly celebrate our 50th birthdays. We clearly have a lot in common. One of us is married to a powerful, popular figure who is steadfast in opinion and intractable in debate. The other is married to Barack Obama. Michelle is intently scrutinised as a role model and fashion icon. […]

Chipping away


When Volkswagen designed their Mk 5 Golf a decade or more ago, they failed to anticipate how small pieces of gravel could cause problems. There are two ways in which a piece of stone less than 10mm in diameter can disable the vehicle. The most dramatic way is when the chipping gets caught between the […]

Memory test


I don’t know if I should be distressed that I absent mindedly threw the car keys into the kitchen bin this afternoon… or if I should be pleased that I managed to remember, several hours later, exactly what I had done when I came home from work, which is why I finally looked in the […]

Hooray. It was the King in the car park. No mention of time travel though. Judging by the comments on the BBC website, the legacy of the Wars of the Roses and the English Reformation is still potent. It won’t be long before some people conclude that the best way to solve political disputes will […]

A skeleton discovered underneath a car park, an archaeologist investigator, a press conference today at 10am – all the makings of a great story. I’m excited to know if it really is Richard III ignominiously buried in Leicester. Only half an hour to wait.