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Oil clean up


One moment I was cooking a stir fry and trying to open a bottle of sunflower oil, the next moment I had a BP situation. The blowout preventer on the top of the bottle failed and a fountain of oil gushed over the kitchen worktop, the floor and my favourite pair of jeans. It was […]

Child centred


A mother with a pushchair the size of a small market stall decorated with bright plastic accessories like a toy was struggling out of the doors of the shop. I stepped forward and held one of the doors open for her. She levered the buggy out on to the pavement and thanked me. The toddler […]



The University of East Anglia has a very fine sports centre. In fact it is called a Sportspark, which makes it sound a lot better than a sports centre (if you pronounce it Sports Park, rather than Sport Spark, which would make it sound like a small Korean car). I have never actually participated in […]

Bandwidth rage


“Who’s using the internet?” muttered teenage son as he came downstairs, “my game keeps dropping the connection.” “I am,” said Mrs R, catching up on a missed TV programme using iPlayer, “it kept breaking up earlier because your father was downloading music or something. So I’m using it now.” “Well I’m booking my hotel room […]

Remote workers


Modern communications technology allows many people to work productively wherever they are in the world. Using phones, video, instant messaging, mobile devices and webcams you can exchange information and speak to people without worrying about their physical proximity. Of course many modern companies don’t choose to make the strategic investment required to equip their premises […]

Party lines


The wisdom of crowds has been well documented elsewhere, so I won’t go into detail. In simple terms “the wisdom of crowds” can predict future events more accurately than the informed guesswork of individuals. This is useful when you need the answer to an important question.

Strikes back


Sepp Blatter, President of the Federation, sounds like a minor villain ruling a teetering , corrupt empire in one of the Star Wars sequels, but he seemed avuncular enough as he graciously received a massive book from David Beckham on Friday. It’s beginning to look as if the book will never be read, as England’s […]