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Saturday afternoon. I went to pick some blackberries. Drove up a stony lane to the grassy field that serves as a car park for a typical Norfolk church. Flint faced, square tower, yew trees, windswept hilltop overlooking the grey North Sea and Europe’s largest gas terminal. There was one other car parked in the meadow. […]

Tree top story


This news story – which fortunately has a happy ending – highlights why Norfolk is a special place. 1. The trees are aggressive. 2. A pub in the middle of nowhere can be full of people having breakfast before 9am. 3. The quote: “it pretty much stopped the car”. Pretty much. Not entirely.

Video nasty


Recording yourself practicing a musical instrument is inevitably disappointing. I have discovered this in the past. For some reason it never sounds the same and somehow the recording has picked up a lot more errors and squeaks than I heard when I was playing. But an audio recording is benign, compared to a video recording. […]

Earning a crust


I bought some fuel for the car and received vouchers for a free pizza. I am old enough to know that there is no such thing as a “free” pizza. It will be a pizza with strings attached… So I read the small print on the website to find out exactly what I was giving […]

I’ve just been reading a list of “10 things you should keep to yourself at work” – rather than give you a link (because you’d have to register to get to the page) I’ll just list them here: The 10 things you shouldn’t do at work are: cause a drama, spread rumours, get jealous, have […]