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Why are people in expensive cars who drive like idiots more irritating than idiot drivers in average cars? There have been two fatal accidents and at least one serious injury accident in the last six weeks on a stretch of road where I frequently drive. This evening I was overtaken on a bend just before […]

Colour chat


“No you can’t choose that yellow, it’s too bright,” exclaimed Mrs R. “It will make the room too dark.” I am planning to do some decorating. All we have to do is agree on a colour scheme. Sometimes I don’t bother challenging her logic. I know that I have no colour sense… I realised this […]

Not a peep


Once again I passed the Olympic stadium on the train yesterday. I noticed that they have started wrapping it in large banners. When I saw the original plan for this I assumed that the wrapping was decorative and another chance for sponsors to promote their importance. But yesterday I realised that the wrapping is there […]

Light touch


It is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, the turning point of the year. From now on the nights start drawing in. But for the time being the sun rises well before I have to get up and it is still light as I write this at 10pm… So why on earth have the […]

My eldest niece had a baby at the weekend. The first member of the next-but-one generation to arrive in the family. This makes my mother a great grandmother, which is impressive. It makes my brother a grandfather, for which he seems too young (but I shall give him Werthers Originals for his birthday anyway). And […]

Olympics parked


My Olympic dream is over. I gave up trying to buy tickets this morning. As a last resort I was attempting to get seats at the men’s Handball and the 5th/6th and 7th/8th matches in men’s Water Polo. The web site was predictably overwhelmed and there is a limit to the length of time I […]

Mess match


The city authorities in Jerusalem have announced a scheme to use DNA profiling to identify the perpetrators of dog fouling in the streets. They intend to take a saliva sample from all the dogs in the city, creating a database of canine DNA and details of the dog owners. DNA samples will be extracted from […]



When I heard that 6.5m passwords for LinkedIn had been posted on the web I logged on and changed my password. Then I looked on the website to find a reassuring statement that they had improved their security and my new password was not vulnerable to hacking…. It took a lot of searching, until I […]

Piece of cake


In a burst of patriotic excitement I baked a cake. The Battenberg cake has a strong royal pedigree. It was (allegedly) first baked to celebrate the wedding of Princess Victoria (granddaughter of Queen V.) to Prince Louis of Battenberg in 1884. It has been baked many times since by Mr Kipling. My Battenberg cake was […]