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Dog end


We arrived in snowy Norway last week and lo! on the menu for dinner: Elk Stew. You don’t get roadkill of that calibre in Norfolk. It turned out that was the closest we came to an elk during the week, apart from a few footprints in the snow. We got a lot closer to a […]

Flare up


Oooh! A major solar flare is on its way from the sun. It may hit us at any minute. Communications and power supply may be affected. I shall temporarily replace my mobile phone with two tin cans and a piece of string. If you want to call me, my string is the white one. We […]

The muck pile is now where it’s meant to be. I had youthful assistance, for which I will pay later I expect. When you are shovelling and barrowing dung, your mind begins to wander. After a while you can’t smell pig manure. Even when it is very close.  I’m not sure what evolutionary purpose that […]

Mucking about


My pig muck has arrived. Like a special Valentine’s Day surprise. My green-fingered neighbour ordered a ten ton load weeks ago for us to share and we have been waiting impatiently. Today was the day. I had been at the office. But in the afternoon a meeting was cancelled and serendipitously I received a txt […]

A long, long time ago I used to have a paper round on Sundays. It was tedious and back-breaking, because the newspapers on Sunday were twice as heavy as on other days. The canvas sack I carried was too small for a full load of Sunday papers, so I had to return to the shop […]

Mystry txt


The phone in the kitchen rang.“You have a new voice text,” said the Electric Lady. “To listen to your messages press 1, to save the message press 2…etc.” I pressed 1. It was a text from a mobile number I did not recognise. “I Love You ecks ecks ecks” read the Electric Lady. I looked […]

Spending time


The car and the central heating boiler are very different, but I got them muddled up in my last posting. I don’t mean that I hit a deer with the boiler. I meant that it is the central heating which gets fixed next week. The car got fixed today. I had to take the car […]

Doe in a bun


By chance we ate venison burgers this evening. They were from the local supermarket. “Revenge.” as they say in Sicily, “is a dish best served grilled, on a bun, with some salad.” It will be another week before the car is repaired. Not that I’m still cross about the damage or anything. [Trivia: Today is […]

Meat again


Coincidentally we had venison stew for dinner yesterday. Mrs R has found a high quality local source of game. And I have found a cookbook.

Right notes


Our attendance at ballroom dancing lessons is a bit poor. We missed last week’s lesson and Mrs R was otherwise engaged this evening. So I went on my own. I was a bit nervous. If there is an odd number of participants, the odd man (or woman) out has to dance with the teacher. She […]

A peeling task


The marmalade season is drawing to a close. I’m pleased to report that I helped make about 40 lbs of the stuff. My contribution is limited to chopping the peel and sharpening the knives. Mrs R does the alchemy with the juice, pips, sugar and stuff. In my view chopping the peel is the most […]