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The Olympics are about to arrive. The special traffic lanes are in place and the congestion is about to begin. The population has been advised to consider other working options and to vary their journey… Outside London almost no one cares about this. But I’m going to do my bit to avoid Olympic congestion by […]

There are many roads to Wigan Pier. As you approach from any direction there are brown signposts to guide you. It is only when you arrive and try to park the car that you realise the Pier is on an island surrounded by one-way streets with no places to stop. We hadn’t planned to visit […]

You might reasonably assume from the lack of postings this week, that I have gone on holiday to make the most of the summer weather. But you would be wrong. There are no postings this week because I have been doing the decorating. Decorating a smallish bedroom has taught me two things: 1. Whilst working […]

Lunchtime news


Work today took me to the headquarters of the BBC. I arrived early, at lunchtime when the sun was shining (unusually). There were lots of people milling about on the plaza outside, eating sandwiches. Everyone looked very casual and relaxed. I was almost the only person in a suit. I have often wondered whether TV […]

Fun and games


I feel a bit guilty for my petulant boycott of the Olympic torch. Since I couldn’t get any tickets I decided not to grace the torch procession with my presence. But now… I’ve got tickets. Women’s handball. A brilliant sport. I’ve been a fan for years. I’m amazed that more people don’t play it in […]

Rain dance


Because the weather forecast said it would rain later, I rushed to get the washing done and hung out. Then I hurried to my meeting. At the meeting I moved things along quickly because the washing was on the line and it looked as if it was going to rain. When I got home the […]

A teenager and I arrived in Jersey. If I had been concentrating when I booked the flight we might have arrived in Guernsey. As it was we had to catch a bus and then a ferry to get to our planned destination. It was a mistake to search using the term “Channel Island flights” a […]