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Back story


The Prime Minister and I have a number of things in common, so I was pleased to hear that we also share a back problem. I suppose that his bulging disk might have been caused by the mighty burden of high office. Mine is usually caused by putting on my socks or getting something out […]

Chin up


Jeremy Paxman grows a beard and it makes the newspaper headlines. I grow a beard and I am met with derision from my own family. It was all because I watched Skyfall on the plane travelling to our holiday destination. “Daniel Craig looks good in a beard,” I thought. So I resolved to stop shaving […]

“Due to adverse weather customers are advised to take extra care on the station concourse”. When did “rain” become “adverse weather”?  I enjoyed the wet weather yesterday. The vegetables in my garden appreciated the relief. I didn’t meet anybody who was complaining about the welcome showers in London where residual heat from the last few […]