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I was delighted with the news that a Tesco store in Cardiff has banned customers wearing pyjamas. It’s not that I have anything against people in nightwear shopping for groceries. I’m delighted because until now I had never realised that it is ok to wear pyjamas everywhere that they are not banned. This will save […]

Nearly Scotland


I padded over to switch on the TV, hoping for a preview of the latest fruit from the Apple orchard. But I was distracted by an advert for Scottish Widows, a brand redolent of British tradition and financial security. My distraction was caused by the fact that the advert was clearly filmed in Iceland, a […]

Alien culture


Scientists are meeting in London today to discuss what to do if aliens arrive on Earth. I am pleased to know that someone is making plans for this event. This will avoid the traditional awkwardness, which arises when you haven’t been introduced to someone. At the moment if aliens arrived in, say, Norwich. They would […]

Can you multitask? Can you honestly do more than one thing at a time properly? I can’t. It has taken me a lifetime to realise this. Although I probably knew it when I was a baby. I’ve noticed that babies and very small children only do one thing at a time. Probably until they are […]

Today’s paradox of modern urban life is: why does high visibilty clothing make you less conspicuous? If you walk through London, or probably through any other major British city, at a busy time of day, you will always be able to see someone wearing a hi-viz vest or coat. Everywhere that you go. I tested […]

Shear terror


Like the football league and the National Hunt, the snowy weather has disrupted my winter schedule of works in the garden… Not that I mind. But today dawned sunny without a trace of frost. I could not find any more excuses not to cut the hedge. Hedge cutting is not a job I enjoy very […]



The pouring rain in London’s dark streets this morning did not deter me from my walk. A brisk three miles through the puddles made a change from the slippery slush of last night. But it only took ten minutes for my shoes to start leaking. By the time I crossed Trafalgar Square I was squelching […]