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Of course it is possible that world will not end shortly after 11am tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t because I’ve still got lots to do – not just things to tick off on my list before Christmas. I’m planning to write a second draft of my story. My aim is to add another version of […]

Bucket list


Usually around this time of year I go through my To Do list and start deleting everything that I know I’m not going to complete before Christmas. The forthcoming apocalypse gives me a dilemma. Should I leave everything on the list because it won’t matter anyway? Or should I try to do everything to ensure […]

Oh oh oh


In the interests of fairness Mrs R. would probably like me to point out: a) that she has been working 12 hours shifts, b) that I left it rather late to order her present and it will not actually be delivered until 3 or 4 weeks after Christmas.

Ho ho ho


My Christmas present from Mrs R. arrived today. I went to the shop and chose it. I placed the order. I paid for it with my credit card. I waited in for it to be delivered and I have now placed it under the tree (although the tree itself has not yet been installed). It […]

According to 2011 census results published today, Norwich is the UK city with the highest proportion of people (42.5%) who say that they have no religious affiliation. I’ve just done a quick check and discovered that the city of Norwich has got 2 cathedrals, 82 active churches, 5 mosques, 2 synagogues, 1 Sikh temple and […]



Have you come across Raspberry Pi? It’s a low cost computer, sold as a simple circuit board without any peripherals. The aim is to introduce children to computer programming and re-awaken the spirit of the BBC micro which spawned the explosion of interest in computing in the 1980s. I was looking at one this afternoon. […]



“Do I need to pay attention to this?” Asked Mrs R. as she ate her lunch. I was a bit offended. I had been speculating aloud on how much carbon the beech tree outside contained and whether it was more or less than the carbon produced by the car during one year of commuting. I […]