Sleepless and see it all


A warm, dark cinema on a snowy Sunday morning was probably not the best place to get over 24 hours of travelling and a 10 hour time difference. But Harry Potter’s new adventure justified a family trip to the big screen.

I thought that some popcorn and a drink would help keep me awake. So I asked for a large portion of both. The popcorn came in a bucket the size of a small car boot and the drink in a bath-sized cup. I was still munching and slurping when the film finished three hours later.

Perhaps it was the adrenalin still fizzing through my system following the icy drive to the cinema that kept me awake. But I think that the film director should be applauded. I didn’t nod off for a moment. The plot and special effects kept me alert. It was magic.


4 Responses to “Sleepless and see it all”

  1. 1 Andy F

    I’m with you on this one Alex, went on opening night to a packed cinema as it coincided with my sons 14th birthday. Five boys and three girls, two adults with popcorn and drinks really enjoyed it and can’t wait for part two in the summer. Can’t understand the lady on facebook who fell asleep in the film.

  2. 3 Sarah

    We did a family night out to this on opening night and it was amazing. My 10 year old did nearly land in my lap at one stage she jumped so high with fright.

    Still think they should be releasing the next one on Boxing Day rather than waiting til July next year

    • Sarah – I agree with you. When July comes I will need to see the film again to refresh my memory of what’s happening… I suppose the DVD will be released about then (surely they are not doing this cynically to generate extra sales?).

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