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On cue


Prince Harry may be a fine young man, but I was shocked by what happened in Las Vegas. I accept that the Royal Family should move with the times, but as a citizen of the realm I feel strongly that certain standards should be upheld. I am appalled that the brother of our future King […]

Yr Wyddfa


The view from the top of Snowdon today was limited. The inside of a cloud looks the same wherever you are. We huddled out of the wind to eat our sandwiches and hurried down again. The ascent brought to 3 the total number of the three nation’s highest summits that we have climbed as a […]

Today we went to Llandudno for a traditional seaside experience. It was brilliant. We had ice creams on the pier and I got a sunburnt face. Our accompanying teenager was shocked by her first Punch and Judy show. “It’s terrible,” she gasped, “so violent in front of those little children. Mr Punch hit the baby […]

Here in Wales there are dragons all over the place – car number plates, shop signs, flags, notice boards, t-shirts…  In the pub this evening there was a large sculpture of a small dragon on the mantelpiece. So I have been contemplating dragons. How big were they? Didn’t they get burned? What did they eat? […]

Body double


I’m sure that you have already experimented to find out which Olympian you match on the BBC website. I have come to this a bit late, but this evening I was pleased to learn that I have the body of cyclist or a handball player. My self-congratulation was short-lived. “I expect that the cyclist’s weight […]

Fun and Games


The Olympic experience was everything I hoped for. I was expecting crowds and queues on the last Saturday of the games, but elder daughter’s local knowledge helped us get a bus to the back entrance where we sauntered in without a queue in sight. Inside the park we walked past a row of empty corporate […]