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Out of office


I’m taking a short summer break from work and blogging. Normal service will be resumed in early September. Don’t work too hard while I’m away.

Soft sell


“For a better life and a healthier planet”, proclaimed the advertising leaflet that came through the letterbox. I was compelled to read on. A “better life” and a “healthier planet” are noble aspirations. I wondered if the leaflet was promoting a new religion or a miracle cure for cancer. Apparently Kinetico can provide the world’s […]



We went to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo last night. Sitting outside for two and a half hours in relentless torrential rain. When we got home I was wetter than a weeping whale in a Welsh waterpark. The performers were brilliant though, as faultless as you would expect from military tatooists who must work, whatever […]



Every year at the Edinburgh Fringe there are more comedians. This is because comedy is the new rock and roll. No one wants to be in a band any more. In the official Fringe directory there are 134 pages of comedy shows, with about 8 shows on each page. Every day most of these 900+ […]

Safe to drink


The discovery of water on Mars will come as no surprise to the citizens of Edinburgh. It has been raining non-stop since we arrived on Saturday. Every building displays the tell-tale black streaks which have so excited NASA’s scientists. The locals already knew that water is the most abundant element in the universe. There are […]

Thaw point


As surely as rain follows a heatwave, a nuisance follows a good idea. The plum glut has revealed that the freezer doesn’t work properly. At least, I don’t think that it works properly. If you put something, say 8 bags of plums each containing about 750 grams of fruit, into a freezer and set it […]

Last drop


Mrs R. was given a voucher by the supermarket. It offered 10p off each litre of fuel next time we filled up the car. It was valid for 2 weeks. I wisely calculated that ten pence a litre is worth a lot more if the tank is almost empty when you fill up. I had […]

The summer holidays have started. I rarely see a teenager around the house before 11am. The long school holiday in July and August was created so that children could help bring in the harvest… after a late breakfast presumably. Plums. We have a glut. The combination of winter cold, spring sunshine and summer rain has […]