Mouse tale


The mice are back. I think. Sometimes when I sit at my (new) desk I can hear scritch scratching and gnawing noises above my head.

It’s been a couple of years since I last declared war on the furry germ-carriers. The body count was high on that occasion. I disposed of 11 of them with my trusty traps over a couple of weeks. Since them I have sealed the perimeter and removed the obvious access path up the Virginia Creeper into the roof and all was quiet for 24 months.

This time they seem smarter. They have outwitted the perimeter controls and so far they have steered clear of the traps – despite the fact that I baited them with Mrs R’s extra nice chocolate. They also seem to limit their scurrying to daylight hours. They seem to go somewhere else at night… And I’m the only person who has heard them.

Perhaps they are not mice. Perhaps they are nocturnal birds or Borrowers or lost raccoons… Or vampires. Vampires are fashionable at the moment.


One Response to “Mouse tale”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Hmmmm….are you sure they’re not being attracted by Battenburg Cake crumbs?

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