Let them eat…


The allocation of domestic duties means that Mrs R usually does the grocery shopping. I am restricted to shopping for maintenance items and unnecessary motor vehicles. But yesterday Mrs R was busy and I was entrusted with the list.

“I bought a Battenburg cake,” I explained, “in case of emergencies.”

“Dog food is for emergencies,” she replied, looking critically at my selection.

[Some time ago I told Mrs R that in Norway in winter some people carry a tin of dog food in the car as emergency supplies in case they get caught in a blizzard. Because you would only eat dog food if you were really hungry, not if you just got a bit peckish in a traffic jam. Unlike digestive biscuits or cakes.]

“Did you look at the ‘best before’ date?” She continued, “ it’s today….”

“Oh. Is it?” (Best before date? On a Battenburg? I thought that they lasted for years.)

I’m anticipating a small emergency at about coffee time this morning.


2 Responses to “Let them eat…”

  1. i detect a liking of battenburg and a hint of strategic incompetence. ;¬)

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