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At last Facebook has stopped showing me adverts for single women in Queensland and discount vouchers for supermarkets in New Zealand. My browsing habits have never displayed a focus on either or these, honestly! Now all I get are adverts for insurance products aimed at people over 55 and tourist attractions within 20 miles of […]



I unloaded the shopping from the car and wondered what the faint hissing noise was. Once I’d unpacked the bags and put all the groceries away I concluded that I had not purchased an angry snake or a leaking bottle of pop. But I had picked up a nail in the tyre of the car. […]

Today I visited an office that I used to work in 23 years ago. I didn’t see anyone I knew. People move on so fast these days. As soon as I walked into the building I recognised the smell. There is a canteen in the basement. It is called a “food court” now. They may […]

It’s been a busy and stressful few months, but I’m pleased to say that our new business venture is up and running. You can glimpse what we’ve been doing here, but if you are school governor in Norfolk you will get a much better view of it in the next few weeks as we roll […]

Risk management


Did you see the pictures of the plane that parachuted to a gentle crash landing in a garden in Cheltenham last week? Did you also wonder, like me, why don’t all planes have giant parachutes in case they crash? It seems obvious really. The same logic as having seven airbags in a car. You hope […]