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Silver lining


Two headlines caught my eye today. Phoenix Insurance puts two million customer records in the cloud Power grid hacking fear grows as industrial-targetted virus emerges You might be anxious to see that personal data is being stored in one or more remote places accessed via the internet. You might also be concerned to see that […]

Tick off


What is it about deer ticks this year? They are everywhere. Have you noticed? Mrs R and I enjoy walking in the sunshine. On almost every outing this year in Norfolk and Suffolk where we have mixed tall vegetation and bare ankles or legs, one of us has returned with a deer tick or two […]

Anty matters


Well I couldn’t find any ants this morning before I caught the train. They must have read my last posting. Or they were anxious about getting involved with strangers after reading the article about the parasailing donkey. It turns out that there is plenty of published research into the differences between urban ants and rural […]

Observe ant


An ant hurried across the London pavement in front of me. I say “hurried”, but to be honest ants always look as if they are in a hurry. It could actually have been sauntering. I stopped to watch it. In London it is not a good idea to stop to watch an ant. It is […]

Against my better judgement I approached the self service till to pay for my lunchtime sandwich. “SOMETHING UNEXPECTED IN THE BAGGING AREA!” bellowed the machine. “SOMETHING UNEXPECTED IN THE BAGGING AREA!” I looked around for something that I might not expect next to the carrier bags. What could it be? Perhaps it would be… A […]

Delayed return


I’m sorry, I should have warned you. The warm, dry weather came to an end on Monday because we decided to go camping for a few days. We had one pleasant day amongst the hills and dales of Derbyshire before the rain began to fall. It was only a short break and normality is now […]



It turns out that north-east Norfolk is the original home of British civilization. Recent archaeological finds at Happisburgh (pronounced Happisburgh) have shown that humans lived there 250,000 years earlier than previously thought. According to The Times (no link because there is a pay wall in the way) “these colonists would have numbered no more than […]

Baby photo


There is a photo in the paper showing light from the birth of the universe. That’s good. Science is wonderful. Whatever will we see next? I’m hoping for a photo of the ante natal scan of the universe.



Things not to say when you get home late after your beloved has cooked you some delicious chilled pea and mint soup on a summer evening… “What shall I do with this then? Just heat it through?”

Hair apparent


“You didn’t ask the barber to trim your eyebrows then”, commented Mrs R, looking at me as if I was Dennis Healey. “No”, I said, unnecessarily, “I didn’t”. Mrs R thinks it is funny that I have been going to the same barber to have my hair cut for the last 17 years, but I […]