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Drain man


The rain had just stopped as I walked through Cambridge at lunchtime. In front of me a man in a smart suit strode along swinging his furled golf umbrella. It was the bit-too-large sort of umbrella that gets decorated with eyeballs in a busy street. I expect it carried a corporate logo and had been […]

I walked down Ludgate Hill. The vast bulk of St Paul’s Cathedral casting a shadow across the road behind me. “Sorry,” said a bearded central European with a large camera and a small girlfriend hanging round his neck, blocking my path. “Sorry,” he said again, “St Paul’s Cathedral please?” He gestured around in the manner […]

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Inky fingers


Left-handed President Obama signed the US Healthcare Bill with a series of 22 fountain pens taken from a ceremonial rack. Apparently the pens gain some historical value when they are used for such an event. The used pens are given as gifts from the President to favoured visitors. The demand for such gifts exceeds the […]

Memory trails


Mrs R drew my attention to an advert in the paper. “Departs 8 April 2012… Titanic memorial cruise… 12 night voyage of a lifetime… will follow RMS Titanic’s original itinerary, calling into the Irish port of Cobh, before sailing across the Atlantic… we will arrive at the Titanic site on April 14/15 exactly 100 years […]

Small measures


This week has been a bit busy. I needed to be in two places at once, or at least two states of being at once. Apparently this is possible and has now been scientifically proven. I’d like to try out quantum level multitasking, although it would probably be too cold for me to be productive.

Old crock


It is my birthday and my 23-year-old car will not start. It goes whirrrrrr….clickety clickety…clickety…click…click…….click…………click…………….cli I’m no mechanic. But I have a 23-year-old car that I bought as a ‘project’ (Mrs R’s translation: self-indulgent waste of money and time), so I must diagnose the problem and fix it. Fortunately, for my birthday my children have […]