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The constant drone of the Police helicopter hovering overhead was becoming more than irritating. I decided to go out to get a sandwich for lunch. One of the occupational hazards of part-time working near Westminster is that national events sometimes intrude on your daily routine. I walked towards the sandwich shop. The road in front […]

My eldest daughter is an artist. I’m very proud of her latest video for the band Cocos Lovers. Here it is. Tell all your friends.

Stop the pigeon


“There is a dead pigeon on the lawn,” said Mrs R, coming into the bedroom. “Oh,” I grunted, peering blearily out from under the duvet, “good.” (I don’t like pigeons much – they are very numerous, eat my vegetables and enjoy copious, flappy bouts of mating in the trees). After breakfast I went out to […]

Up to London on an off-peak train this morning – gosh it was busy.  Loads of reserved seats (occupied) and standing room only from Colchester. My prediction, based on complex economic analysis, is that the off-peak train travel hours will get shorter. Just like off-peak electricity hours, off-peak telephone hours and off-peak traffic hours. That […]



There was a very short thunderstorm, just a couple of claps of thunder and no visible lightning. After that the telephone rang and rang and continued to ring even when it was answered. “Hello”, I said, “hello… hello”. It kept ringing until the person calling got fed up with waiting for an answer. I’m worried […]

“Thrives on neglect” is the message that I look for on a plant label or a packet of seeds. But occasionally my garden surprises and delights me… You may not want to kiss me for a couple of weeks.

Square eyes


I am worried about my TV viewing habits. I can’t remember the last time that I sat down to watch television for entertainment or information. We only receive 5 channels on our soon-to-be-obsolete TV set. I am worried that I am getting out of touch. Mrs R and I sometimes sit down to watch a […]