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Ho ho ho


On the outskirts of a local village there is a hand-painted sign advertising the Christmas Fayre which will take place next weekend. Next to the sign there is a life-size effigy of Father Christmas dressed in the traditional red and white with a pained expression beneath his beard. He is probably grimacing because he is […]

See life


A deep sea survey, part of a 10 year census of marine life, has discovered 5,600 new species. I have always suspected that many strange and wonderful creatures lurk under our noses in places where we rarely choose to look. Unfortunately deep sea surveying is expensive and difficult. It is not something that can be […]

Knot a problem


If, like me, you rarely throw anything away, there is a good chance that you have a room, an attic, a shed and/or a garage which is deep in clutter that may come in handy. Hopefully you are not someone who has been beguiled by the minimalist mantra and decluttered your home. When you urgently […]

It was a blustery Sunday lunchtime. We sat at the table. Outside the clouds scudded by, the washing flapped and seagulls wheeled above the field. Teenage son raised his fork to his lips and said, “Oh, the washing line just fell down.” You might be surprised at the number of separate components required to secure […]

Returning from London yesterday evening, I caught up with political news on my phone. “Gordon Brown also announced that all new graduates still out of work after six months would have access to a ‘high quality’ internship, training or help to become self-unemployed” (Sky News mobile 18 Nov 2009). I’m glad to see that self-unemployment […]

(…continued) The burial place of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, has never been discovered. Very little is known about her after she was deselected by the South Norfolk Conservative association and went on her bloody rampage down the A12 to Londinium. We can assume that she returned to her home turf up the A10 via […]

The rain had been heavy in the night. I left the house and put my saxophone in the boot of the car.  I turned and stopped. There was a hole. In the drive. Just behind the car. I peered down. It was a hole big enough for my fist. Deep in the gloomy depths I […]