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Dry humour


With the torrential rain and howling gales keeping everyone indoors, conditions were perfect for a bit of clandestine gardening this weekend. Did anyone get their hosepipe out and beat the ban with a bit of furtive watering amongst the puddles and mud? No one would have noticed and the drought can be devastating for a […]

The train arrived in London. “Welcome to London, home of the twenty twelve Olympics,” announced the Voice at Liverpool Street Station. When I first heard this, a couple of weeks ago, it made me smile. I imagined hearing it every few minutes all day for the next 128 days. No wonder the workers at the […]

Mug’s game


One of the teenagers broke my preferred tea-mug (large) at the weekend, by accidentally banging it against my other preferred tea-mug (small). I was pleased because this gives me an excuse to go out (on St George’s day) and buy an ‘official’ Royal Diamond Jubilee mug. I’ve been secretly wanting to do this, but I […]



Today was a day of two halves. More specifically it was a day of two halves of the two different suits that I wore to the office. I could claim to have got dressed in a hurry, but I didn’t. It was a normal day. I got dressed at the usual pace. Had breakfast. Went […]

Katching up


Eldest daughter came home at Easter and introduced us to a TV programme called the Kardashians. This is one of the benefits of the digital age. I have just watched a few minutes. It is like Thunderbirds, but with weaker characters and less realistic acting. I am not sure what the plot is about. I […]

If you are passing Salina, Kansas, you might be interested to look at some property for sale. A former missile silo is being converted into luxury apartments. They cost $1 million each. For your money you will get 2.5 metre thick concrete walls, an apartment located up to 53 metres underground with use of an […]

Off the air


I went online to top up my mobile data allowance with my network provider. Their website wasn’t working, but it mentioned that they used Twitter to provide service updates. I looked on Twitter. No mention of the website outage, but a cheerful tweet saying that their tweeter had gone home for the evening. The Twitter […]

Almost home


Back from the southern hemisphere in time for Easter, I spent the weekend in a bleary haze. My body clock was somewhere in the Middle East. Physically I was at home.

Snippet 1 Australia is a friendly place. At Sydney airport this morning all the announcements seemed to start with a cheery “Hello everyone!…” rather than “Attention please!”, and people call you “Mate” in a non-threatening way (as opposed to the British variant: “Listen, mate…”). Snippet 2 Isn’t it about time that hotels sorted out how […]



Here I am again in the southern hemisphere. The journey doesn’t get any less tiresome and I won’t be here long enough to bother trying to get over the jet lag. At least it is good to visit a place where they have plenty of rain. No hosepipe bans here. I’ve never seen it looking […]