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Whilst on the subject of the Olympic Park, I noticed an announcement that an “Olympics Museum” will be opening there. I like the idea of announcing the opening of a museum before the historical events have taken place. History is richer when it is planned in advance. People are already making money from Diamond Jubilee […]



What are you meant to do with unwanted kitchen knives? I got fed up with risking my fingertips scrabbling around in the drawer to find one of the ‘good’ sharp knives, so I extracted all the kitchen knives that we don’t use. They are mostly quite sharp but of cheaper origin with blades that bend […]



Like you I’m sure, I was delighted to read about the record sugar beet harvest this year. I knew it was going to be a good one. The beet in the field behind the house had lovely green tops and the roots were bursting out of the soil (I’m no expert, but that must be […]

A growing number of magazine, news and sports websites are using software to write their news stories. The software takes the bare facts and sews them together with a tight narrative thread. I would hazard a guess that the same software would be capable of producing pithy, relevant and fact-filled papers for board meetings and […]

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This was going to be a posting about how I cricked my back bending over to get something out of the fridge. But then I thought…”No. That is boring. My readers don’t want to know about how I am hobbling around in pain and unable to put my own socks on. I am writing a […]

As I waited for the train this morning a lady handed me a questionnaire. It was for the National Rail Passenger Survey. I didn’t know that there was one, but it evidently happens at least once a year. There were 66 questions. It was only a short journey. I took my seat, put my bag […]

Two birdwatchers have spotted a killer whale off the coast of Norfolk. This is unusual. They usually spot birds. There are no previous records of such a sighting. I imagine that the birdwatchers were disappointed that it was not a rare bird. Killer whales, or orcas as they are called outside Norfolk, like to eat […]