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A recent article and earlier research describes the work of two neuroscientists who have demonstrated that it is possible to identify the sounds of imagined speech in someone’s brain. The article suggests that soon it will be possible to convert thought into speech. This has huge potential benefits for people who, due to illness or […]

It’s not really important, but for the sake of historical record I’d like to say: “it rained today”. It was the first decent rain since 26th March. My lettuces, carrots, beans and spinach were delighted. Elsewhere in Norfolk children were looking at the sky with their mouths open and farmers were dancing with delight, sardonically. […]

According to an article in Harvard Business Review (June 2011) the collective intelligence of a group of people does not correlate with their individual IQs. In other words, a committee of clever people is no more likely to make a good decision than a committee of averagely intelligent people. But if a group contains a […]

On Facebook I have discovered that I could ‘like’ or even become a ‘friend’ of the following: The manufacturer of my car My favourite breakfast cereal The company which made my toilet bowl My gas supplier My electricity supplier A ‘male 27 Kansas’ Many books I have bought and Pampers nappies (in multiple languages). However, […]



Because the world did not end on Saturday, and I because I didn’t get round to betting all my money on the world not ending (I knew I couldn’t lose on that one), I had to resume my house maintenance chores today. I found out that it is not really worth the effort to paint […]

Warning. Signs.


There was a cluster of people waiting for the lift in the multi-storey car park. Squeezing round behind them politely to take the stairs I stumbled over something and fell headlong through the door on to the staircase. Brushing the dust off my knees I peered sheepishly back to see what had tripped me. I […]

Rabbiting on


Driving home at dusk we passed a roadside verge crowded with rabbits grazing on the dried out grass. Mrs R. remarked that you hardly ever see a squashed rabbit in the road these days. She’s right. Twenty or thirty years ago you would always come across a flattened rabbit or two on a country road […]