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Mole wrench


I bought some moleskin trousers. I figured that here was a chance to get my own back on the little blighters who persist in defacing my garden. It turns out that moleskin trousers are made of cotton. Not mole. They are very cosy, but they are not going to strike fear into the animals that […]

Tea time


“There are few things as nice as a large, hot cup of tea when you sit down after travelling for 3 hours on trains, tubes and foot”, I thought to myself as a fired up my laptop and opened my notebook at my desk. My notebook is very valuable to me, but cheap to buy. […]



In a slightly loose connection to one of my two and a half part-time jobs, I was offered the opportunity to do some work at the Norwich Beer Festival. The job involved meeting, greeting and fundraising, with a strong possibility that the organisers would provide refreshments. I looked at my diary. I’m a busy man. […]

Information security is important to banks. That is why they go to some lengths to ask you to remember 5 security questions, a 12 digit customer number, a p455Würd! containing at least 8 characters which must include one capital letter, two numeric characters, punctuation and at least one Swedish vowel. In addition they will suspend […]

Hair piece


I scanned the bathroom cupboard and added pomegranate shampoo to the end of my shopping list (cleaning products are at the end of my route through the store). The pomegranate shampoo is not for making sure that exotic fruit are hygienic. It is for hair. The package says that the anti-oxidant qualities of the pomegranate […]

Chilled out


I had my extended weekend all planned: a longish bike ride on Friday, some gadget shopping on Saturday morning, another bike ride if the weather was good and catching up with a bit of work in the car on Sunday whilst a teenager was at a sporting fixture. It was not to be. The trouble […]

The Academie Française, the “official moderator of the French language”, has launched a web page Dire, ne pas dire which attempts to combat the Anglicization of the language. The page will highlight neologisms and English words which are invading popular speech and suggest more appropriate French alternatives. Words and phrases such as: le name-dropping, le […]