Ceiling whacks


Happy New Year everyone!

It is good to have a theme. This holiday the theme is roofs. On Boxing Day I retrieved the helicopter. On New Year’s Day my first-born child txts to say she fell off a roof at a party last night and has been to A&E to greet the new year.

I am (a) relieved to know that she is still alive and has enough limbs left to send a txt, (b) curious about why she was on the bloody roof. Her message is tantalisingly unhelpful, as my children’s communications usually are.

When I was her age I never told my parents what I was up to. That’s the problem with the Facebook generation, they are too willing to share their information and too smart to tell you everything.

I hope that you all have a prosperous, happy and safe time in 2010.

5 Responses to “Ceiling whacks”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    Aaaaahhh, it’s snowing again! And in case anybody’s wondering, no I didn’t get an iron for Christmas!

    • 2 Amanda

      yes, I did mean to ask…. I gather he went for pretty pink toy instead, clever boy

  2. 3 tank squid

    oh. i thought the theme was lady gaga, how disappointing

  3. Glad you didn’t get the iron for Christmas Mrs R! seems Mr R is well trained. Virtual snow is the kinda snow I can deal with, give me that over the real thing any day.

    Oh by the way it’s Becky Stafford :p

  4. 5 Mike S

    re. b) Taking ‘A night on the tiles’ a bit too literally?

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