Sleepwear Talkin’ Man


I was delighted with the news that a Tesco store in Cardiff has banned customers wearing pyjamas.

It’s not that I have anything against people in nightwear shopping for groceries.

I’m delighted because until now I had never realised that it is ok to wear pyjamas everywhere that they are not banned.

This will save hours of my life. Each morning I spend almost two minutes getting dressed.  If I live to an average age I will be able to reclaim over 350 hours to do something useful. This would be enough time to learn how to configure an HP printer properly on my home network.

In all the places I visit on a regular basis I have never seen a no pyjamas sign. The means that I never need to get dressed again. In fact this very morning I am going to get my hair cut in Norwich. For once the barber and I will have something different to talk about.

4 Responses to “Sleepwear Talkin’ Man”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Let me guess – this would be a wireless HP device that you are trying to configure using the simple to follow instructions on the installation CD? No – mine didn’t work either……

  2. 2 David Allen

    I love my wi-fi enabled HP 9640. All 4 of the household computers plus my mobile phone can print to it with no problems at all, although Windows 7 caused a headache for half an hour. Probably a good idea to disable your firewall while installing, or start of with it connected via ethernet until it “knows” your network. Sorry for the dull reply!

  3. 3 Camilla

    We’ve had fun and games configuring all our Windows computers to print from our networked HP 6940 – but not my MacBook, which “saw” it immdiately, needed no extra drivers and has never had a problem. Go figure.

    Ours is not wifi enabled in itself, it has an ethernet connection to the router, and seems to require masses of quite unnecessary software (except on the Mac of course). Also from time to time the firewalls forget it is there and block it again (except on the Mac….)

    I have nightmares about being out on the street in my pajamas, presumably this doesn’t worry people in Cardiff?

    • Camilla – I expect that the people of Cardiff do have nightmares about you being out on their streets in your PJs. They just don’t know it’s you.

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