Invisible assets


Today’s paradox of modern urban life is: why does high visibilty clothing make you less conspicuous?

If you walk through London, or probably through any other major British city, at a busy time of day, you will always be able to see someone wearing a hi-viz vest or coat. Everywhere that you go.

I tested this theory on two days this week. On a three mile walk from east to west constantly between 8am and 9am I could see someone in some sort of fluorescent garment.

Until I started looking for them I had not noticed them. It is like spotting clover on a village cricket pitch. When you pay attention you can see it everywhere, but on a normal afternoon you don’t notice.

So, my wise tip for this evening : if you want to stand out in the city, dress inconspicuously in drab colours.

One Response to “Invisible assets”

  1. carry a hard hat and a clipboard (along with your hi-vis jacket) and you can get practically anywhere…

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