Alien culture


Scientists are meeting in London today to discuss what to do if aliens arrive on Earth.

I am pleased to know that someone is making plans for this event. This will avoid the traditional awkwardness, which arises when you haven’t been introduced to someone.

At the moment if aliens arrived in, say, Norwich. They would be greeted by some suspicious stares and no one would actually speak to them, because it is not polite. So they would just have to pretend to look at their mobile phones in silence… and watch the puppet man as their introduction to Earth culture.

3 Responses to “Alien culture”

  1. I think Dave the puppet man woukd be a great introduction to Earth Culture! a shining example of what happens to you as you succumb to the ravages of age…. 😉

    • 2 Mrs R

      Has anyone considered the possibility that the puppet man is an alien?

  2. 3 ben rickards

    What do you mean – if they arrived in norwich? I arrived in norwich over 30 years ago and have been met with suspicious stares and no one talking to me ever since. Did this tell you nothing about my origin?

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