English channels


“What’s on channel 10?” Asked my 10-year-old niece, in snowy Norfolk on holiday from Australia.

“There isn’t a channel 10,” replied my youngest daughter on the sofa with the remote control in her hand.

“Oh. What’s on channel 9?”  My optimistic niece enquired.

“There isn’t a channel 9 on this TV.”

“Well what’s on channel 8?”

“There isn’t a channel 8.”

“What’s on channel 7?”

“There isn’t a channel 7.”

“What’s on channel 6?”

“There isn’t a channel 6.”


“Is there a channel 5?”

“Yes. We’ve got a channel 5.”

My children have nothing to complain about. But I’m cross that the analogue signal is going to be switched off eventually. The TV still works so Mrs R won’t let me replace it. And if we go digital we will probably need another aerial. Which would involve climbing on the roof, so I’d have to wait until my eldest was at home to practise her roof-climbing technique.

3 Responses to “English channels”

  1. Depending on whereabouts you are in Norfolk I’d be prepared to spend a lot of time cross about the analogue signal being switched off; where my parents are the digital signal dies as soon as it rains…

  2. 2 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    Once the analogue signal is switched off I think they will be boosting the digital signal, so I wouldn’t rush to change the aerial until you’re getting only digital and get chance to see what the signal strength is like.

  3. 3 Amanda

    yes, the advent of digital is unavoidable. That really means i have to figure out how to connect that digital set top box to ye olde tele, and pronto, before aforementioned niece returns home and asks me yet again why we can’t get all the channels advertised as being the best you’ve ever seen…

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