Unquiet nights


I would have written a longer posting tonight, but I was laughing too much at Sleep Talkin’ Man. I think it is brilliant. Mrs R swears that it is not her blog.

[If you are using a network with a profanity filter when you click the link, it may not be so entertaining].

4 Responses to “Unquiet nights”

  1. Alex how on earth did you find that little gem? I’ve just sat here for the last few minutes trying so hard not to giggle out loud. What an awesome blog!

  2. ah yes, an excellent site. More people should be responsible with their ducks. http://www.sheldoncomics.com

  3. 3 Andy F

    The Sleep Talkin Man blog got a mention in the national papers today

  4. But you read it here first… And I found it through Twitter before that… 🙂

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