Mucking about


My pig muck has arrived. Like a special Valentine’s Day surprise.

My green-fingered neighbour ordered a ten ton load weeks ago for us to share and we have been waiting impatiently. Today was the day.

I had been at the office. But in the afternoon a meeting was cancelled and serendipitously I received a txt from Mrs R to advise me that the farmer had been round with his trailer. The sun was shining, so I hurried home.

My share of the load was on next-door’s drive, together with his share. All I had to do was fork it into a wheelbarrow, wheel the barrow down his drive, along the pavement, up my drive, through the back gate into the far corner of the garden where I had created a special pig muck receiving space next to the compost heap.

Well rotted pig excrement and straw is quite heavy, it turns out.

Twenty barrow loads later it was getting dark. I had moved approximately one third of the pile. My clothes, hands and hair smelt strongly of fine manure and my back was aching dramatically.

Later this week I will move the rest. If I can ever stand up straight again.


3 Responses to “Mucking about”

  1. 1 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    10 tons of manure in a field looks very small.
    The same on your drive looks (and smells) huge.
    Like you we shared a load with a neighbour when I was a teenager and I had to help my Dad wheelbarrow half of the load away – my arms and back ached for days afterwards!

  2. What more could you want for Valentines!

  3. 3 Andrew

    Next years Valentine’s rose will be outstanding!

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