Doe in a bun


By chance we ate venison burgers this evening. They were from the local supermarket. “Revenge.” as they say in Sicily, “is a dish best served grilled, on a bun, with some salad.”

It will be another week before the car is repaired. Not that I’m still cross about the damage or anything.

[Trivia: Today is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 134th birthday (she may be dead). She wrote Little House on the Prairie, and other similar books. As pioneers in the American west, her family probably had a lot of problems with wild animals. I expect that they crashed their covered wagons into bison quite often.]

One Response to “Doe in a bun”

  1. And today is Jules Verne’s 183rd Birthday, but I doubt he had too many problems with giant squid etc crashing into his wagon.

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