Right notes


Our attendance at ballroom dancing lessons is a bit poor. We missed last week’s lesson and Mrs R was otherwise engaged this evening. So I went on my own.

I was a bit nervous. If there is an odd number of participants, the odd man (or woman) out has to dance with the teacher. She is small but daunting.

As I expected, I was the odd one out. And we started learning a new dance – the Quickstep, which involves complicated stepping, quickly (not all dances are named so literally – the Tango does not involve soft drinks and the Foxtrot…).

It is a long time since I concentrated so hard for an hour. I managed not to harm my partner and I also managed to learn the new steps.

As soon as I got home I wrote down what I had learned, in my own special choreographic notation.

One hour later I can’t decipher it at all.


2 Responses to “Right notes”

  1. Bit of marketing required here Alex, it’s not “your own special choreographic notation”, it’s “your own special choreographic cipher.”
    Job done :¬)

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