Spending time


The car and the central heating boiler are very different, but I got them muddled up in my last posting.

I don’t mean that I hit a deer with the boiler. I meant that it is the central heating which gets fixed next week. The car got fixed today.

I had to take the car to the ‘bodycentre’ quite early (‘bodycentre’ is a an unnecessary neologism, the word ‘garage’ would suffice. ‘Bodycentre’ sounds like something you should focus on in yoga, a ‘chakra’ in complex English).

So I left the car to do yoga shortly after 8am. I had a meeting scheduled at 12.30pm. There was time to go home. But I didn’t have a car. I had four hours to kill in Norwich.

First I had a haircut.

“I thought you’d have had your hair cut before having your photo in the paper,” said the barber.

I didn’t know my photo was in the paper.

Next I had a cup of tea so that I could look at the newspaper website on my laptop. I couldn’t find my photo.

I decided to go to the library and do a bit of work. And also to look at yesterday’s paper.

Why are the newspapers in the library always sticky?

My photo wasn’t in the papers I could find. But I couldn’t find all of them. I suspect that some people take the papers away from the library by mistake.

Then I went to the shops and discovered a new shop. It was very exciting. It has everything that I would ever want to buy, except food and books (I checked online – it has 10,000 products).

For a few minutes I was annoyed that I have decided not to buy anything for myself that is not essential. Then I remembered that I could buy things that were for essential general use or specific use by others in the family.

I bought a long handled ice scraper for the van. (general use).

I bought a bicycle bell (specific use by others).

I bought a secret Valentine’s Day present for Mrs R (it is very practical and has a specific use).

I thought about giving the bicycle bell as a Valentine’s present to Mrs R, but I already gave her a bicycle bell for Christmas. Unfortunately it did not fit her bike, due to a mis-estimation of the diameter of the handlebar tube. So it was really a replacement for an existing present and might not have been received in the right spirit (fortunately I didn’t actually have to pay for the Christmas bicycle bell present because the man in the shop took pity on me).

Then I went to my meeting. Someone gave me a photocopy of my picture in the paper.

8 Responses to “Spending time”

  1. 1 Andy F

    and which august publication decided your photo was worthy of inclusion ?

  2. 3 Eddie Woz

    Re: the “secret valentine’s day present”. Doesn’t Mrs R read this blog? Now she knows she will be the recipient of a present, which is “practical”. That’s half the secret blown!

  3. 6 Kinside

    I’m a bit concerned to hear about all this killing – first a deer and now four hours at a time! Next time I need a chicken dispatching I’ll know where to come…

  4. 7 Mike S

    Just be pleased that Alex didn’t discover the new Family Bargains shop in the Castle Mall….from the people who brought you the 99p store….

  1. 1 Waffling « Alex’s Blog

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