Virus check


Ever since we first had a school age child in 1992 at least one person in the household has caught a cold in mid-September. Usually more than one person.

It is a depressing fact of life that when children go back to school they will share a variety of viruses and breed at least one new strain. Within three weeks at least 50% of the school population will have the bug. The only exceptions are teachers with a minimum of 25 years experience.

This year so far only one of the two teenagers has brought back a cold, but she has shared it generously with her parents this week.

I have to report that contrary to popular science, massive doses of vitamin C with zinc do not fend off the sneezes, sore throat and headache. But the effervescent tablets in water are quite addictive – a sort of salty Fanta taste.

Feeling grotty has not stopped my domestic work or diverted me from my business pursuits. I am made of sterner stuff.

…But I am easily distracted. This week I had a domain name buying spree, to go with my newly incorporated limited company. Now I’m not sure what to do with the domains. I haven’t spent any money on web hosting (so no links here), but I have set up a vanity email address which features my name prominently.

I tried out my new email address by sending a proud message to Mrs R.

She replied 30 minutes later: “Hahahaha, my computer put this in the junk folder!”

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