Det er for dyrt*


Denmark is a great place to go for a camping holiday in July. However, in August it is less good. The weather can be fickle.

Our first week in mid-August was pleasant enough. We swam in the Baltic. It was colder than I expected. We saw the little mermaid. It was bigger than I expected. We visited Hamlet’s castle. It was less rugged than I expected. We went on a bicycle ride. It was not as hilly as I expected. We ate bacon. It was crispier than I expected. We went shopping. It was more expensive than I expected.

At the beginning of the second week a thunderstorm arrived in the night. It was windier than I expected. All three of the tent poles broke at the same moment, just before the deluge arrived. The two teenagers in the tent evacuated with their wet sleeping bags into the camper van which Mrs R. and I enjoy in civilized comfort.

A VW camper van with four people and a pile of wet stuff in it is more crowded than I expected. The gale force winds lasted another four days. The teenagers mutinied and refused to go back into the tent, even though I had fixed the poles and the holes with gaffer tape. They said it was too windy. I pointed out that in a high wind it is good to weigh down the tent with wet people. We all slept in the van again.

When the wind died down Mrs R. took the teenagers to enjoy a game of crazy golf while I relaxed with a book. Crazy golf is more violent than I expected. After half an hour teenage son returned with blood dripping from a gash in his cheek. He explained that he had been “standing within the blast radius” when his sister was enthusiastically putting at hole number nine. I reached for the gaffer tape, but Mrs R. said the first aid kit would be better.

The next day we went to Legoland.  It was more fun that I expected.

*Det er for dyrt – Trans: That’s too expensive

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